okay this is not cool

hmmmm i use this thing only to stalk people, don't expect to see me posting.
my actual blog is here <:3a
afros in general, car accidents, cheren/belle, clive's evil laugh, cucumber sandwiches, even more car accidents, faggot artist, feel like shit 24/7, fideo, flint's afro, frontier brains, harry potter, hell no, inazuma eleven, kaze ni naru, keymashing, knee socks and shorts, kurotsugu is a pedo, lame inside jokes, legal luke, lmfao, lord of the rings, magical soccer, misora hibiki, nejiki, nonsense, pearlcon, pokemon, pokemon platinum, pokespe, powerpuff girls z, professor layton, rockman, ryusei no rockman, severus snape, shugo chara!, stalking people, team kappa, touhou lolis, unattractive old men, vocaloid, where's my hogwarts letter


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